Paint packaging good enough to eat

Modern MAsters shows off their true colors

Modern Masters emerged as a specialty line of paints with metallics, textures, and architectural coatings. If you've ever been to a theme park, such as Disneyland, you've seen their paint - everywhere. For the rest of their product line, the need was to create a cohesive branding that was uniquely Modern Masters. Here's how we did it.



Branding that carries the company

Modern Masters' colors are rich and gorgeous. After we created new labeling, we wrapped them around clear jars for all to see. A strong visual brand identifies this line of products for Modern Masters.

See the full line of award-winning packaging and materials here.

Gina’s style and taste has invigorated our company with complete corporate branding.
Her intimate understanding of how we work allows us to take new products to market faster than ever.
She truly delivers above and beyond every time.
— Greg Sargema, Marketing Manager

The Modern MAsters Minute - Films that instruct

Modern Masters' audience is everyone who loves a finish - from DIYers to Professional Applicators and Contractors. Their products are frequently seen on home improvement channels, so we thought we'd start our own channel. We wanted to create beautiful, 60 second spots that illustrate various products and how to use them. Hmmm, a 60 second spot...the name practically hit me over the head! See more videos.


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