It began in the trenches

The chocolate traveler delivers shareable wedges

Chocolate in a tin was around during the war. Caffeinated chocolate kept soldiers awake and alert. Jon Alberon loved this idea of a tin, keeping his chocolate free from crumbling and breaking. And it's the perfect way to share neatly fitting individual wedges. We started with the name.



globe trotters

After listening to Jon's dream to deliver Belgian chocolate in a tin that travels anywhere, we named the product The Chocolate Traveler and hence, The Travelers were born. A young plucky couple, with map in hand, who travel the globe in search of delectable ingredients to create delicious flavors.

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Dressed to sell

Our Travelers even toured the States and had to wear appropriate attire. I created a set of nude digital paper dolls that I could dress for any occasion or city.


location, location, location

The key to any great sales channel is availability.
The website or chocolate van is always on the ready.

Most of the time I think Gina is clairvoyant. She knows what I need even before I know it myself.
— Jon Alberon, President

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