The Audience is listening

L.A. THEATRE WORKS' intimate experience

For over 40 years, L.A. Theatre Works has been producing plays live on stage with no costumes or sets, just raw amazing talent. The performances are truly intimate with the actors performing directly to the audience. They also happen to be a non-profit company with really limited budgets. Here's how we got it done.


Setting the stage

L.A. Theatre Works is committed to their art, but like most non-profits, they work really long hours. It's hard to find the time to devote to creativity with so many daily demands. They brought me in to work directly with their in-house designer. We talked about the essence of each play, distilling it down to a simple visual idea. With solid art direction and encouragement, he was able to step-up their key art adding their brand colors to hand-picked stock art.


Stock all their own

Every project starts with a conversation and a consultation. Once I guided them in setting up their key art, L.A. Theatre Works had a year's worth of assets to use on posters, ads and programs.


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