Game Day & Grillers

king's hawaiian plays to the inside

Levit & Associates needed an Art Director to unify the client's needs and the creative team's vision. The whole creative team is filled with amazing talent but the shot list was long and getting longer. It was time for me to manage the list of shots, add some design style, and still make it appeal to the audience. Here's how we kept it beautiful and got it all done.


time saver

We had a long list to shoot and one of our themes was Game Day. I needed to be efficient with time and give the client all they were expecting for their budget. I came up with a solution that allowed all the shots to be ready at once (think rotating table). With a few small adjustments, we were good to go. Next!


Put your right foot in

Being a good Art Director means knowing when to step in as well as when to step out. For this shoot, I filled the gaps, speaking the language of photography and recipes, making sure we hit the client's needs. When it was all running smoothly, I simply stepped aside overseeing the spinning plates.


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