Sweet emotion

Conscious colors inspiring moods

This is a boutique company poised for growth. Being a smaller company doesn't mean you have less to do. An innovation in holistic wellness, Color Aromas combine color therapy with pure essential oils that embody color energy benefits. How do you make that stand out among scented candles, incense, and aromatherapy? My challenge was to create a label that sells. Here's how we got started.


Constance, the owner and Color Therapy expert of Conscious Colors has a beautiful product, but it was really time to get serious about being in a competitive market. The updated logo, labels and branding accentuated the lines already gorgeous colors and delivered them in an exciting way - like scented drops of yummy goodness.

Gina has acted more like a partner than a hired hand, offering valuable support in clarifying my company’s mission and message.
— Constance Hart, Founder/Developer

Come take a look at GV Creative's collection of brand materials, websites, and packaging.